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Trilantic Europe acquires four bioethanol plants in Spain and France

Trilantic Europe has signed an agreement to acquire four bioethanol plants from Abengoa Bioenergia for an Enterprise Value of €140 million.

The assets acquired comprise three plants in Spain (Cartagena, La Coruña and Salamanca) and one in France (Lacq).

Bioethanol is a source of renewable and clean energy that reliably replaces gasoline in vehicle engines and contribute to the safety and diversification of the energy supply. Its use in a pure state or in mixtures with fossil fuels reduces CO2 emissions, hinders the progress of climate change and reduces the emission of contaminating agents into the atmosphere. The plants are also involved in the sale of DDGS (animal feed by-product) as well as electricity from cogeneration.

Closing of the transaction is expected to take place once a number of conditions precedent have been met.

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